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From hotels to schools, gyms & workwear. We got you covered

Eco-conscious laundering, eco-friendly operations & capability of handling large-volumes.

We offer various commercial laundry services.

Hotels & Accommodation

Offers tailored “wash, dry, fold” services for all accommodation types.
Cater to B&Bs, motels, serviced apartments, hotels, backpackers, and holiday rentals.


  • High-quality laundering.
  • Eco-friendly operations.
  • Customised solutions for different businesses.

Spas & Salons

Specialise in premium linen and towel services.
Services include laundering robes & wraps, towels, therapeutic linens, and salon capes & aprons.


  • Maintain high-quality linens.
  • Eco-conscious laundering methods.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Tailored solutions based on spa/salon needs.

Events, Clubs & Functions

Ensure all linens are prepared to perfection for events. Caters to tablecloths, napkins & towels, event drapery & curtains, and club linens.


  • Quick service turnaround.
  • Ability to handle large linen volumes.
  • Eco-friendly laundering practices.
  • Customisable solutions for unique event needs.

Cafes & Restaurants

Aims to enhance the dining experience with impeccable linen services. Caters to tablecloths & napkins, chef’s wear, towels & rags, and entrance mats & drapery.


  • Provides consistent quality across linens.
  • Prompt service for dynamic business needs.
  • Environmentally conscious laundry processes.
  • Offers tailored solutions to fit restaurant/cafe style.

Workwear & Uniforms

Focus on professionalism and cleanliness in work attire. Services cover daily wear uniforms, protective workwear, medical & healthcare uniforms, and culinary wear.


  • Detailed attention to unique uniform elements.
  • Modern laundry facilities for the best care.
  • Eco-friendly laundering approach.
  • Solutions customized to industry needs.

Gym & Yoga Studios

Provides a hygienic environment for fitness enthusiasts. Specialises in workout towels, yoga mat towels, shower towels, and hand & face towels.


  • Guarantees superior cleanliness.
  • Ensures prompt delivery of laundered items.
  • Commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Offers tailored packages for different studio requirements.

Schools & Universities

Ensures high standards in all fabric-related amenities. Services include laboratory aprons, tablecloths, uniforms, and sportswear & physical education kits.


  • Adheres to high hygiene standards for children and young adults.
  • Capable of handling large-volume laundering.
  • Practices eco-friendly laundering.
  • Provides solutions customised to unique institutional needs.